Pyrois is a “distro in a box” presented to you by SILO GROUP.

Makefile-driven, Pyrois downloads and compiles another tool owned by SILO GROUP, called Rex, onto it, and then uses a Rex project to compile a chroot using a cross-compiler. 

From within that chroot, Rex then compiles all items in the chroot with everything you need for a Linux system.

As Rex is json-driven, this allows “checkbox” style user interfaces to the build steps, allowing almost limitless customization of the Linux distribution that is created by Pyrois. This will allow you to create very, very small Linux images for specialized use cases.

Pyrois will eventually fork to spawn another project which will preserve that process while it evolves to generate an installer image for a binary package system as part of the genesis of a new Linux Distribution.

Pyrois is the component that spawns the Dark Horse Linux base OS.

Pyrois is largely curses dialog-driven and is eager to onboard contributors.

Where to Download

The source code for Pyrois is available at: