Dyad: Automated LFS

Dyad was initially forked from Pyrois, which is used to compile the early builds of Dark Horse Linux.

Pyrois at the point of being forked to Dyad was largely a faithful step by step automation of a variant of the Linux From Scratch documentation.

This presented SILO GROUP with a challenge — the Pyrois project needs to be tailored way off the beaten path of LFS to accomplish its goals, but there needed to be a way to preserve what it was doing with LFS to provide resources to the community for new Linux distribution genesis.

This is where Dyad comes in. Dyad preserves that mission of simply automating the LFS book, using the Rex tool also developed by SILO GROUP.

While Dyad is a product of LFS and Pyrois, Pyrois will draw heavily from Dyad in future versions for early build phases of its components.

Where to Download

Dyad’s source code can be located on the SILO GROUP SCM or on its downstream github mirror.