Dyad: Automated LFS Dyad was initially forked from Pyrois, which is used to compile the early builds of Dark Horse Linux. Pyrois at the point of being forked to Dyad was largely a faithful step by step automation of a variant of the Linux From Scratch documentation. This presented SILO GROUP with a challenge — the Pyrois project needs to be tailored way off the beaten path of LFS to accomplish its goals, but there Read more…


SME/D is a Delphi-based think tank system and analytical engine designed to allow highly functional subject matter experts to explore and debate diverse angles of many issues. Not yet available for prototype showcasing.

Desktop: Scallywag

Scallywag is a linux desktop client for The Pirate Bay reverse proxies. It automatically retrieves a list of known reverse proxies for the famous PirateBay website and allows the user to search for, and select magnet links, and begins the download using the system’s XDG-configured default magnet link downloader. Written in Python and uses the GTK UI. Source code is public, GPL licensed, and hosted here.

Dark Horse Linux

Dark Horse Linux is a new Linux distribution created and owned by Chris Punches as part of the SILO GROUP portfolio. Cross-compiling a Linux sysroot, and building the system from upstream sources inside your environment with verified checksums is about the only way to ensure that software hasn’t been tampered with. That’s what Dark Horse Linux does to create its sysroot in a publicly verifiable way. Borrowing largely from the LFS process, Dark Horse Linux Read more…


Pyrois is a “distro in a box” presented to you by SILO GROUP. Makefile-driven, Pyrois downloads and compiles another tool owned by SILO GROUP, called Rex, onto it, and then uses a Rex project to compile a chroot using a cross-compiler.  From within that chroot, Rex then compiles all items in the chroot with everything you need for a Linux system. As Rex is json-driven, this allows “checkbox” style user interfaces to the build steps, Read more…


IDM/A is an identity management, session management, and rights management system in development by SILO GROUP. This system is currently closed source and not available to the public prior to stable release.

Theme: Antikythera

Antikythera is a WordPress theme designed with simplicity and stability in mind.  It is based heavily on both Artifact for Hexo as well as Hitchcock for WordPress. You can download it from its dedicated github repository here.


Logthulu is a large-scale log aggregation system. The project site is at https://logthulu.silogroup.org

CLI: Rex

Rex is a configuration management, automation, and testing system with minimal runtime requirements, powered entirely by JSON and should integrate with almost any existing tools or frameworks. As Rex was built as a supporting component driving the creation of Dark Horse Linux, you can read updates regarding this product at the www.darkhorselinux.org website. Rex is released under the AGPL, and is free. It can be downloaded at: https://source.silogroup.org/SURRO-Linux/rex If you’d like to file an issue, please do Read more…

Desktop: Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower is a simple task management system for GTK, writtin in Python for Linux targets. Its source code can be downloaded here.


Orchard is the nervous system for SkyNET.  We’re not kidding.  It controls services and microservices in very large environments.  It is designed to be scalable almost without limit. You can learn more about it at its dedicated page here.