SURRO Linux is a community-driven effort to re-establish open standards, provide a provably clean OS build, and targets both the container markets as well as research environments. SURRO is generated by Foster and is owned by SURRO Industries.


Foster is a “distro in a box” in the making. 9000 Foot View: How Foster Works  Makefile-driven, Foster spawns a docker instance, downloads and compiles our tool, Examplar, onto it, and then uses Examplar to compile a chroot using a … Read More


IDM/A is an identity management, session management, and rights management system in development by SILO GROUP. This system is currently closed source and not available to the public prior to stable release. IDM/A


Machapi is a somewhat comical API  engine to interface with various social networking sites, written in Python. You can read the documentation here. Machapi


Antikythera is a WordPress theme designed with simplicity and stability in mind.  It is based heavily on both Artifact for Hexo as well as Hitchcock for WordPress. You can download it from its dedicated github repository here. Antikythera


IRCThulu is one of the world’s largest IRC log aggregation systems.  You can learn more about it at it’s dedicated page. For a demonstration, there is an example UI being hosted currently here. IRCThulu


Examplar is a configuration management, automation, and testing tool with minimal runtime requirements, powered entirely by JSON and should integrate with almost any existing tools or frameworks. You can read more about Examplar at its dedicated page. Examplar was built as a supporting … Read More


Orchard is the nervous system for SkyNET.  We’re not kidding.  It controls services and microservices in very large environments.  It is designed to be scalable almost without limit. You can learn more about it at its dedicated page here.