Dark Horse Linux is a new Linux distribution created and owned by Chris Punches as part of the SILO GROUP portfolio.

Cross-compiling a Linux sysroot, and building the system from upstream sources inside your environment with verified checksums is about the only way to ensure that software hasn’t been tampered with.

That’s what Dark Horse Linux does to create its sysroot in a publicly verifiable way. Borrowing largely from the LFS process, Dark Horse Linux is a parent project meant to empower more creators to create their own linux distributions in the course of developing one.

While Dark Horse Linux will eventually move to become a binary package distribution and sell commercial support, it is currently a community effort to re-establish open standards, provide a provably clean OS build, and targets both the container markets as well as research environments.

In order to automate the build process, which is complex, SILO GROUP has developed a new utility called Rex. You can read more about Rex on its info page.

Where to Download

Dark Horse Linux can be downloaded from its dedicated website at www.darkhorselinux.org